Life Service, Not Lip Service

6473a019de41ba6a0d65126b76501544-300x300Years ago my daughters learned something in bible class and couldn’t wait to tell my wife and I about it.  They asked us, “What does Bible mean?”  We weren’t certain what they meant, much less what they were trying to ask us.  They were very excited and probably had grown impatient. So, our youngest and oldest daughters blurted out, “It means, ‘Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!'”  Ah, now the light bulb came on.  I thought that it was interesting and a very compelling way to think about the Scriptures.  It reminded me of something I heard someone once say, “You might be the only bible that someone will read.”

I’ve learned the only way to be sinless is by sinning less. Admittedly, I fail to follow all the instructions (commandments, ordinances, etc.) all the time.  While I try to, I often fail.  I’ve learned that Jesus is the only One Who was perfect in every aspect. Enough about me, how are we doing in following our biblical instructions?

John the Baptizer succinctly tells us how we should live. We can’t say we’ve repented but maintain our former lifestyle.  Like John, we must be willing to speak out against unrighteous living.  We must encourage as well rebuke one of us.

John was fearless.  He spoke harshly to the ruling religious leaders (Matt 3:7-10).  He told them, “Prove by the way you live that you have repented of your sins and turned to God.”  He directly attacked their hypocritical behavior.  He was telling them not to say how they live but to show how they live.  In short he said, “It’s about your lip service, not your life service.”  His words to the Pharisee are as true to them as it is to us today.

How about you?  Are you giving lip service or life service.  If you’re reading this blog or blogs similar to this, I believe you’re trying your best to give life service.  Take a few moments and see if your life is aligned properly.  Are the things you look at, listen to or go to in alignment with the lifestyle you profess?  If we are “the only bible some people will read” we want to be the best representative of God that we can.

Keep the faith.  Lets be the Good Book people will read.



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