What Holy Week is Over?

59663793We celebrate Holy Week just before Resurrection Sunday.  We celebrate our Lord’s sacrifice.  As you know, Holy Week has been over for a few weeks.  I want to encourage you continue your holy walk.

Also, some people celebrate Lent.  During the Lenten season they “give up” or “sacrifice” something to help draw them closer to our Lord.  I encourage you to continue to abstain from whatever you gave up profanity (or porn, lying, etc.). Did you give up those items because you thought they were wrong or because their absence would draw you closer to God?  If so, keep up the good work.  If you were able to sacrifice them and you have drawn closer to our Lord…do I need to finish this thought?  Keep it up!  Well, keep that passion to get closer to Him.  Remember, we are to always be holy.  He wants us to be Holy as He is holy (1 Peter 1:16).  Our walk with Him isn’t regulated to 40 days or one week because it is a life style. Today is a good day to start, restart or continue.

Let me know how you’re doing.  I know your victories in Him will encourage our fellow believers.

Through Him,




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