Stand Strong for Christ

Acts 4:7-12

In this Scripture we see the rulers questioning Peter and John. For many people, this would be a great time to retract what was said. After all, they were facing the people in charge. No, the Apostles wasn’t going to have any of that. We want to act like the Apostles and stand strong for Christ in the face of opposition.

What did they say? What did they do? They stood strong in Christ. They said they were preaching in HIS name. This probably shocked the religious leaders.  In fact, Peter gave them an expository preaching session. In one regard, Peter put them on trial!

He spoke boldly to the people who helped orchestrate Jesus’ death. If you remember, this is the same man who denied Jesus previously.

The question is, “What would you do?” Would you stop preaching or teaching the Gospel if your family didn’t like it? What about your boss didn’t like it?  Regardless, we can takeaway a simple truth. You might have denied Jesus in the past but you can speak boldly for Him in the present.

Don’t miss this point.  About 60 days prior to this Peter had denied Christ. Look at him now!  In two months, you can be speaking boldly for Christ too!

Lets quickly look at three other things.

1.  “Filled with the Holy Spirit.” You’ll have unimaginable power when you’re filled by the Holy Spirit. We must be led by Holy Spirit. We want to be in God’s will. We’ll be on shaky ground if we go in our own might and power.

2.  The healed man. The people and rulers should’ve been celebrating the miracle healing!  The man was the testimony for Christ’s power.  You are like that man.  You show Christ’s power as you grow and are healed from the sickness of sin.

3.  Salvation is through Jesus only! There aren’t any exceptions!

What religion are you espousing? Like the Apostles we must espouse Christ and Him alone!  Are your actions congruent with His teaching? Or are you mixing Christianity with other religions? In other words, are you just doing the Christian things you want? There is only one way and that way is Yahweh!  We are strong when we stand with and in Him.

Christianity isn’t a cafeteria plan. It’s an all or none. We can’t be half way pregnant with the word. We must be fully committed!

Start your 60-day transformation and be a bold speaker for Christ.  Let me know how it goes with you.

Bless you


Esse Quam Videri

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