Focus on Him!

images We see a powerful prayer in Acts 4:23-31  What happened here?  Notice, they didn’t rejoice about the return of their friends. They rejoiced over what God did! Their focus was on Him, not them.

How’s your focus? Are you focusing on Him!

We won’t go wrong if we continue to focus on Him. We will go through some troubling spots but He’s with us. Can you stand your ground when people in a higher social status tells you that your Christian beliefs don’t make sense?  What about if they say stop talking about Christ?

Not all of us will encounter this type of persecution. But we might be persecuted in other ways. The easy answer is to simply shut up. If we did, who would we be pleasing? Please God or man?

In Acts 4:28 we are encouraged to do God’s will, not man’s. It says, “to do whatever Your hand and your purpose predestined to occur.” We are further encouraged to do more in Acts 4:29. Peter says, “Enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.”

Today when you finish reading this post, it’s my prayer you are bold enough to speak for Christ. I’m not talking about going out telling everyone they’re going to Hell. That would be simple but will it be effective? No, I’m talking about being bold enough to share Christ with people who really need Him. You and I say you love Him. Lets share Him with others so they can be a part of our Christian family.

It’s possible you live near a location where there are multiple Churches on one street. Shouldn’t they be making a difference in that neighborhood? Are they? Are you making a difference in your neighborhood?  We are called to be difference makers.  If we change our focus a little we might see something else.  The “church” building is one thing but you and I are the “body” and we can and should be effective in our own sphere of influence. As the church, it’s our responsibility also to share the Good News.  We see how serious the Apostles were with the Good News. We need to have that type of dedication and passion also.  One easy way to help spread the Good News is by sharing what our pastor taught us in bible study and from the Sunday message.  Remember, last week we spoke on who God can and will use.  You fit that bill perfectly!

Look at Acts 4:30. It says, “Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.” Stretch out our hands for Him. He might use you to perform signs and wonders!

The results: Read Acts 4:31!

What are you to do with all of this information you’ve taken time to read? Here’s what I hope transpires:

  1. I pray we can be filled with the Holy Spirit and speak boldly for Christ!  We might find opportunities to spread His word to our family, friends, neighbors, in the prisons at school, etc.
  2. Read our notes that we took from the weekly sermons we hear. We’ll gain a better understanding of Him. No one can take away the knowledge we gain as we study His word.
  3. Come up with more questions about those sermons. Use our newly acquired knowledge to challenge and encourage others in their walk. This will allow for us and our fellow Christians to sharpen each other with questions about Him.
  4. Don’t let rejection stop us from following Christ. I’ve been rejected by Christians and unbelievers alike. We can use the experience to help other overcome rejection. I’ve found that many people leave the church because someone hurt them. God could use you as a way to bring hurt people back into the fold. As you know, hurt people hurt people. Perhaps you can help heal some hurting people!
  5. Change our family’s destiny and our legacy on earth. Help bring more people to the knowledge of Him.
  6. Help our church function better by providing her with our time, talent and treasure so we can be a stronger church. I’m not just talking about our church, I’m talking about The Church. We’re all connected to one another.
  7. Ask God to reveal His will to us and act like Nike and “Do it.”

It’s my desire and prayer that you take and make the most out of the many things God has provided for you through the weekly sermons you listen to and your personal study.

Peter’s sermon, if you will, was short and to the point. Its effect was much greater. The numbers grew to 5K. Think what would happen if we all opened our mouths for Christ!


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