US: Atheists Give up on Forcing IRS to Censor Sermons

This issue has been talked about for many years and has been a little tricky to navigate.  Apparently, the waters are a little less muddy now. Thankfully, Atheists give up on forcing IRS to censor sermons.

As church leaders, we are charged with “equipping Christians for ministry” in service for God.  Regrettably, there are times when politicians misrepresents the effect of their policies. Conversely, we strive to inform you, from a biblical standpoint, on how those policies and cultural issues collectively affect us.

Please remember that your church leaders are trying to help you develop a Christian worldview on all the issues you deal with.  We become more Christ-like as we view things from His perspective rather than what conventional society says is acceptable.  It’s obvious our Christian worldviews will, at times, class with today’s worldviews.  The issue has never been to “vote Democratic or Republican.”  It’s been an issue of how to vote on things from your Christian values.

Continue pressing on to the prize of the high calling of our Lord and Savior.




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