7 Habits That Distinguish Believers from Professing Christians (part 1)

I grew up catholic and a phrase always intrigued me. I used to hear people say, “I’m a Catholic but not a practicing one.” I never really understood that until later in life. They were saying that they believed in Catholism but don’t live it. In other words, they weren’t committed.

People believe in their Horoscope. Is that what God says you should do? It’s clear in the bible how He feels about people following the horoscope. I talked to a woman about this and she “matter-of-factly” told me why it was good. I asked her how she could say she believe in the bible, know what it says but still do what she wanted. The conversation didn’t go as well as I had expected. I thought as believers we could discuss issues without being offended. Please understand I ask questions because I’m intrigued and wonder why we do the things we do.

What distinguishes you from unbelievers or those professing Christianity?

  • Do you look at the same TV shows?
  • Do you listen to the same music?
  • What about the places they go?
  • What about your conversation?

A believer shows a lot of characteristics that distinguish them as faithful followers of Christ. We’ll talk briefly about a few of them. This list isn’t exhaustive but it will give you idea on the differences. The feedback that I get from the blog is that many readers want short articles. So, I’ll give you a different habit each day for a week. When we finish, I’ll consolidate everything into one blog you can link to, if you’d like. These habits aren’t in any particular order. Ready, let’s go.

1. A Distinguishing Habit of a Believer is Tithing. Do you tithe? I must admit that I didn’t tithe for a long time. You might be thinking, “I just don’t get it. Why give up my money?  After all, I always hear about preachers stealing money.”

But is that your real reason for not tithing? If we are to be followers of Christ we must “follow” Him. He believed in tithing, why don’t you. Once you give “your” money to God it is no longer yours (well, it never really was yours…God let you have it). If anyone does anything wrong with it they will have to answer to God.

I need to stop making excuses and give money to God. Why? So His kingdom work here on earth can be spread. “Thy Kingdom comes. They will be done on Earth.” Start trusting in Him instead of the minister.

I tell you the truth. Knowledge is power. Live by the truth and not what someone who hasn’t investigated or even studied tells you. That’s the blind leading the blind.

Tithing is simple. You give 10% of your earnings to God. Well, it’s a little more to this but we’re going on the simple method right not. Let not quibble about is it net or gross.

Let’s say that you’re not tithing. How can you overcome this hurdle? I have two surefire ways for you to make a change in your life concerning this issue.

a. Read on tithing. I can guarantee you that you don’t know the significance of tithing because you haven’t studied it. It will not be what you think it is. In fact, you’ll see how you’re even more connected to God once you start tithing. You’ll find it’s about obedience rather than your money. Remember, He owns the world. If He can destroy the Earth with a thought, don’t believe the little money we give means that much in the big scheme of things. Remember, your worldview isn’t going to be like non-believers. They look for ways to be disobedient not obedient to His commands.

b. You say you can’t give 10%, start with 1%.

I needed the money and on the other times I just didn’t want to give.   If I gave the money then I would bounce a check or two. I tell you the truth.   Once I started tithing, it seemed like I started having more money. I don’t want you to confuse this as a “Name it and claim” gimmick. I don’t want you to confuse this with “If you give God His money then He’ll bless you 10-fold” trick. I’m just speaking the truth. My life changed dramatically.

I don’t know what math God was using but I stopped living paycheck-to-paycheck.   Come to your leadership team and let us help you understand in better so that you receive all the blessings God has for you. He still loves you nevertheless.   However, you’re holding back your blessings.

I’ve always found it amusing that people want to get blessings from God but don’t want to be obedient to Him rules.

My brother and sister, are you tithing? Take time this week and learn more about tithing. Please don’t let your relationship with our Father suffer because of some bad theology and misinformation you’ve received over the years. Trust His word and do what it says. It’ll make a world of a difference for eternity.

Solo Scriptura



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