7 Habits That Distinguish Believers from Professing Christians (part 3)

Welcome back. Lets now look at another habit as we continue our talk on Distinguishing Habits of a Believer.  So far we talked about tithing and biblical knowledge.  Now lets move to another habit.

3.  A Distinguishing Habit of a Believer is forgiveness.

  • Does your mom, dad or spouse ever get on your nerve?
  • Do you have a friend of family member you haven’t talked to in a long while?
  • Do you have someone that gets on your nerve?

Jesus told Peter, in one sense, to continue to forgive those who mistreated you. Jesus was an excellent example of forgiveness.

We have to forgive them. My wife irritates me by some of the things she does. I irritate her also. Some times I don’t want to be around her. Should I let the things that irritate me be a stumbling block that prevents us from being the Christian we must be? Of course not.

The Apostle James tells us we can be angry but we can’t sin.   Jesus tells us that we are committing murder when we angry and say bad things to our brother while we’re mad (Matt 5:21-22).

Let’s get our mind right and think like Him!  First Thess 5:22 tells us that we need to abstain from all appearance of evil.  Unforgiveness doesn’t look good on a Christian.

Solo Scriptura



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