7 Habits That Distinguish Believers from Professing Christians (part 4)

I hope you’ve stayed with me so far.  We’re now on a fourth Distinguishing Habits of a Believer.  So far we talked about tithing, biblical knowledge, and forgiveness.  Lets talk about a fourth habit.

4. A Distinguishing Habit of a Believer is Prayer.  Do you know how to pray?  Do you want me to give you the super secret way to pray to God? Do you want the easy or the hard way? Say, “Lord I just want to say XYZ. Lord I thank You for XYZ. Lord bless XYZ who just lost XXX. God, protect XYZ.” Got it?

Jesus gave us a way to pray. Do you know the Lord’s prayer? Let’s say it.   WAIT! That’s not it. He didn’t say we had to pray what we have termed, “The Lord’s Prayer.” Give me some feedback on this one.  I bet you started to recite “Our Father…” Come on admit it.  Jesus gave that to us as a guide that we can use. He didn’t say you had to say those exact words and then you’re finished with prayer.

When was the last time you prayed? Prayer isn’t a list of “Give me’s.” You will build your relationship with Him more as you pray. You’ll also begin to feel less like asking for things and start wanting to do things for Him and others.

Read John 17. You’ll see how Jesus prayed. Notice the passion and love.

Spend a little time in prayer with our Father.  Stay connected to Him.

Praying and sinning will never live together in the same heart. Prayer will consume sin, or sin will choke prayer ~ J.C. Ryle

Solo Scriptura


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