7 Habits That Distinguish Believers from Professing Christians (part 5)

I hope you’re growing as we discuss Distinguishing Habits of a Believer.  So far we talked about tithing, biblical knowledge, forgiveness, and prayer.

5. A Distinguishing Habit of a Believer is a Christ Worldview. A what? This is a term used to show that we base what we do through a Christian lens.

Here’s a quick definition of worldview. We view the world from a Christian biblical viewpoint. In other words, we filter things through “WWJD.”

Lets look at a few common examples.

  • If we’re asked is it okay to steal, we go by what the bible says. (pretty black and white)
  • If we’re asked is homosexuality is fine, we go by what the bible says. (Hmm, it’s getting a little gray)
  • If we’re asked about abortion, giving money to the poor, cursing someone out, being a good worker, a good daughter, husband and everything else.

I think you get the point.  We must live our life through biblical life principles and we speak on and act on things from a biblical Christian worldview point.  Our worldview should change.

Remember, we must get our doctrine…the way we live and our beliefs from the bible, not from the tradition of men. (Col 2:8). For example, wearing Black and White on the First Sunday.   Jesus says, “You are the light of the world (Matt 5:14-16).”

We must show people the light of Christ. They’re just like you and I used to be. We didn’t know that many of the things we were doing was wrong.   We need to help guide the lost toward the Light of the World, the bright and Morning Star.

We don’t say, “The bible says, “XYZ but I think I still can do it.”

What does Jeremiah tells us? God is talking to Jeremiah about false “oracles” and false prophets. In Jer 23:36, He says, “because every man’s own word becomes his oracle and so you distort the words of the living God, the Lord Almighty our God.”  God told Jeremiah that He was going to punish them since they changed His word and simply lied at other times about what God did and didn’t say.  The false prophets simply led the people astray.  They didn’t want to give them a dose of reality.  Instead they wanted to just give them good news.  As a side note, if you hear a preacher of the Gospel who doesn’t talk about the struggles and stresses of Christianity…be on guard.  The bible is laced with great men and women of God who had struggles.

We can’t change God’s word to fit our view.  Rather we must change our views to fit His views.  I’m certain you know of some people who have changed what God word says and means in order to accommodate a sin.  We don’t love people less when we point out their sin.  In fact, we love them more.  I saw a great sign that said, “Friends don’t let friends go to hell.”  Lets help advance the Kingdom by staying true to the word and sharing the word with others.

As we talk about this subject we must realize our biblical worldview will be different from the unbeliever.  Consequentially, this will cause some strife in our lives.  Go back and review the other habits.  You’ll realize we will be “different” from those professing Christianity if we follow through on them.  The Apostle Paul called us a “Peculiar people.”  It’s okay to be peculiar.  Let the bible drive how you view issues of today, not vise versa.

Solo Scriptura



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