Attack on Traditional Marriage


Although this doesn’t go in line with this post, I need to add one thing to it.  Empire, a new TV show, had two homosexual intimate scenes.  It appears these things are becoming socially acceptable.


The Supreme Court has opened the door for more Same Sex marriages.  It has been reported that 60% of our States will honor Same Sex marriages after the dust settles.  I encourage you to stay prayerful.  We need to stand for Christ, not for what society now says is correct.  Stand for what?  Stand for the biblical definition of marriage–one man one woman.

Let’s not confuse the issue. This is not a matter of, “Well, I love my loved one and I don’t want to hurt his/her feelings.”  The issue for Christians is to remain faithful to what we profess we believe.  One doesn’t love their loved one any less because they don’t agree with everything they believe in or do. If that were the case then everyone who doesn’t believe in what you believe doesn’t love you.  Our belief must not be based on what a loved one thinks.  If that is the case we would have to question if we actually believe what we profess. Check out this article, it’s a little old but provides a nice overview on the marriage issue for one of our States.

In my guest blog last week, I answered several comments suggesting Christians should want to get along with everyone. So Christians should accept Christianity, Islam and Judaism is the same since we worship the same God.  I pointed out the disparity in their thinking.  It was wonderful to engage in a conversation with people who were actually discussing the issue in a polite manner.  While we disagreed with one another we were able to discuss the issue nonetheless. One responder went on to suggest things would be better if we just get along.  We must stand for what we believe is correct and be faithful to Scripture.

There is no middle ground.  I hope we all stand on Christ’s side. If our loved one is following a path that doesn’t line up with our Christian worldview…we stay the path.  We share Jesus with everyone.  We don’t have a heaven or hell to give them but we can show them the right path to go.

This is just a side issue.  Last week the Denison Forum reported the new TV show, “How to Get Away with Murder” showed a Gay sex scene.  Why would the Network air this?  They are desensitizing the public to these things. This will become normalize if we don’t stand strong for Christian values.  We also must stand against heterosexual sex scenes also. It appears we’re slowing going down a slippery moral slope.

Well, what should we do?  Good question. Stay prayerful, show Christian love and discipline.  I also encourage you to stand by the training and teaching your pastor has taught you on this subject.  Now is not the time for us to “go along to get along.”  We must remain a “peculiar people.”



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