Happy Halloween – You’re Getting a Trick, not a Treat

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Tonight millions of children will travel up and down their streets to be given some treats, mostly candy.  We can only image the beautiful and cute costumes they will wear.  However, what is Halloween really about? History.com says it evolved “from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, modern Halloween has become less about literal ghosts and ghouls and more about costumes and candy. The Celts used the day to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, and also believed that this transition between the seasons was a bridge to the world of the dead.  Over the millennia the holiday transitioned from a somber pagan ritual to a day of merriment, costumes, parades and sweet treats for children and adults.”  That’s a nice way of portraying this hell-liday as harmless. Yet nearly every year we read about some satanic group killing animals.  Which one is it?  Is it a time to get free candy or is it still about ghosts and ghouls?  There are droves of churches conducting alternatives to Halloween.  Any parent can go by one of these churches if they simply want to get free candy.  The ChurchofSatan.com say Halloween is one of the holidays.  That’s pretty cut and dry.

Unlike many of my other posts, I just want to bring a little awareness on this subjective, controversial and mysterious hell-liday.  Subjective you say?  Yes, those of us who have studied this holiday definitely know it’s a celebration of ghosts and the dead. However, I won’t go into that today but ask you consult with your pastor and you’ll be more enlightened.  Controversial you say?  Yes. I don’t know the number of times we preached and taught on this subject that some of the parents became upset and informed us that, “Halloween is innocent fun.”  Yes, there are “church folk” who will fight you over this.  To date, the contention mostly came from those who haven’t studied the subject. Let me digress for a moment. Many years ago, I was in the store buying some Halloween products.  It was going to be the first time I had ever decorated my house for Halloween.  A woman and I struck up a conversation about Halloween.  She asked me if I knew what it celebrated.  I was thinking, “What’s wrong with her?  Everyone knows this is about dressing up and having fun.”  We talked for hours as she educated me.  I later investigated the matter and found she was right and I found out other things also.  Mysterious you say?  Yes.  It’s mysterious because it seems many do not know what it means or why they celebrate it. Further, there are conflicting facts about its history.  Some sources, well a vast majority state Halloween derived from a Catholic Church tradition of remembering the dead before All Saints Day.

CNN and many shows are celebrating Halloween by dressing in different costumes.  I ask you, “What is the probability any non-Christian show will celebrate Christianity during the Christmas season?”  I’m not talking about showing Santa, Frosty and the like.  Those figures are commercial items used to “celebrate” or shall I say get you in the mode to spend during the “holiday season.”  The Guardian.com reported that Halloween is the third biggest party day of the year, next to New Year’s Eve and Super Bowl Sunday.  This indicates Halloween has a firm place in the hearts and minds of the American people. When CNN, Good Morning America and other TV shows dress up they in turn help to further entrench this “holiday” into the American conscience.  I’m looking forward to seeing them in their Christian costumes during Christmas.  Oh wait, that will be offensive to some because they’ll be forcing “their religion upon society.”

As you drive around and walk during tonight, notice how many witches, zombies, skeletons, vampires, ghosts, etc. that adorn the homes.  Please notice the celebration of the dead and the evil figures and pumpkins.  Compare those images with the things that will be around during Christmas. We are bound to hear of someone suing the city if someone has a Nativity Scene.  Ironic, is it not?  Christmas is about the birth of Christ but can’t display a Nativity Scene!

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I hope you’re a little more educated from this short blog.  I leave you with “Happy Halloween.”  Wait, happy Halloween?  There is nothing happy about celebrating anything our Lord disapproves.  Lets align our worldview to a Christian worldview.  Take a few moments and investigate what this holiday is about.  If our thoughts and beliefs do not align with the bible…we need to change.  You will not find a single Scripture telling us to celebrate the dead or the devil.  You’ll find Scriptures telling you to honor God and Him only.  The costume might be “cute” but we’re called to live a holy, not an unholy life.  Lets not look and act like the unbelieving secular society.  Second Corinthians 6:15 asks the question, “And what agreement has Christ with Belial?”  Well?

I leave you with a quote from Anton LaVey, Founder of the Church of Satan.  He says, “I’m glad that Christian parents let their children worship the devil at least one night out of the year.”   Remember,  if you’re celebrating a Happy Halloween, you’re getting a trick, not a treat.

Sola Scriptura



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