Be a Lifesaver

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Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.”  John 15:13

Yesterday America celebrated Veteran’s Day.  We enjoyed many great movies and remembered the sacrifices of our military active duty members, retirees and veterans.  Today, I encourage us all to remember Who gave the greatest sacrifice.

Do you remember the passion and thanks we showed to our military veterans?  Keep that passion, love and respect.  Compare those feelings to the way you live out your passion for Christ.  Ok, that’s an unfair comparison.  I just want you to remember that the more important thing is to live the life we profess.

As military members we think about the greater good.  We are willing to lay down our lives for our fellow country men and women.  However, there is a greater love. We must remember that we are to help lead people to Christ.  Are you helping to do this?

Lets make it a point to save some lives this week.  Share the sermon you heard on Sunday.  Share what you learned in Sunday School.  Share what you learn this week in bible study.  I often told my congregations to, “Don’t wait for the pastor to tell XYZ about the bible.  You tell them.”  We’re counting on you to share, live and teach what we teach you.

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Are you a little uncomfortable?  Do you remember us (I’m taking for granted your ministerial staff does this also) to search the Scriptures for yourself?  Do you remember us telling you to verify what we said in our sermon is true?”  Well, I thought so.  You’re prepared to share what you know.

Friends don’t let friends go to hell.  Share what you know and help save a life.  I’m not talking about saving in the traditional sense.  I’m talking about salvation.  Share with them so they will know they can have the free gift of eternal life.  Jesus has already paid the ultimate price.


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