Lend a Hand, or Give Some Money

NuBilt-Helping-Hand-ProgramI’ve learned that many people are rather charitable during the “Holiday” season.  I have also learned that the “Challenges” (ice and others) seemed to be rather successful.  I’m issuing a challenge you and everyone you know.  This means you need to share this blog or tell them about it.

I challenge you…ok, I’m begging and encouraging you to see the difference you can make with your loose change you have or the skipped meal (see previous blog).  The challenge is for next 12 months.  Yes, it’s a small challenge.  You’re probably thinking, “Well, what am I going to do with this huge stockpile of cash (probably $2-$5)?.”  Great question. Give it to your favorite charity. You can slip it into the mailbox of a person you know needing a little cash.  You’re pretty smart…be creative.

What if you don’t have a lot of money?  Well, what can you do?  Man, you have some great questions.  How about this. You can volunteer some time each month to a worthwhile charity.  For example, I hear Boys and Girls Club needs more men to volunteer.  The men’s or women’s shelter always need help. There are scores of juveniles desperately needing your guidance and love.  Or, you can “lean in to” the single parent and help him or her out by providing a little guidance, time or love to their child…or them.

See…it’s simple.  In short, I’m challenging us to show God’s love to others…not just during the “Holiday season.”  Lets make this a lifestyle change and an investment into our society. If hurting people see Christians helping…well, you get the point.  Lets change the world, for and in Him.
In His Grip


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