A Call to Action: Prayer for a Nation

ferguson-riot2-apIn America, we have recently learned the decision on the case in Ferguson, MO.  This is an opportunity for Christians to pray and act.  There are many people who are angry or hurt by the decision.  It is not our responsibility to help cause damage but it is incumbant upon us to show the world how we should act.  This is an opportunity for us to help heal the pain and show the world how Christ expects for us to respond. I encourage you, no matter which side of the aisle (whether you agree or disagree with the Grand Jury’s decision) you’re on to take a few moments and pray for this situation.  Lets help calm the situation rather than ignite more flames of hatred and anger.  Please be the voice of reason during this violent and turbulent time.  Be the agent of change and help deter your family, friend or neighbor from cause more damage. In Christ


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