Time to Cancel Christmas

christmas-cancelledI bet you’re wishing for a white Christmas?  Am I right?  Of course.  Who doesn’t want to peer out of their window to see a picturesque view of a neighborhood covered in snow?  If we don’t have any snow then It simply wouldn’t be Christmas!  What did you say?  I guess you’re right, that’s not what Christmas is about.  I guess we should run to the mall and charge up our credit cards so we can give our loved ones the gifts they “deserve.”  After all, that’s what Christmas is all about!  A quick search of the web revealed that the typical family will spend roughly $800 on gifts. No?  Sorry about that.  I’m just trying to get you into the “Christmas spirit.”

Christmas spirit? What is it? You might get 7 different answers if you ask 10 people, “What is the Christmas spirit?” One American received a Fandago gift worth $75K for his Christmas essay.  He won a fully decorated house and presents for himself and his family.  He won because he truly knows the spirit of Christmas. However, there was no mention of Christ.

Let me get a little more serious.  The Christmas spirit or whatever the commercialize version of Christmas has become surely isn’t about Christ.  So, lets take it from there. The hard question we need to ask is this, “Is Christmas and the Christmas spirit about Christ or about presents?”  Or, “Is it about spending time with your family?”  Some will say that it is about the children and them getting what they want?  The clear answer…the only answer is this: It’s not about any of those things.  I’m not suggesting you be like the mom who cancelled Christmas.  Hmm, she might be on to something.  We need to put Christ back into Christmas!  If not, cancel Christmas because we know consumerism-mas is definitely celebrated.

Yes, the time is now to cancel Christmas.  Well, the commercialized version.  Share your knowledge of what this Christmas really means.  Don’t be deterred because the date might not be exactly correct.  The significance of His birth certainly is correct.  His birth changed history.  He came to earth to become the sacrificial Lamb for our sins.  His birth and resurrection are two of the most important days of the year.  We should be reflecting on Him during this time.  The gifts we receive will be nice.  Yet, the Gift is Who we should remember.  It is ironic that on His birthday, we receive gifts but He is ignored on His birthday.  It is also ironic that people who don’t believe in Christ will find it easy to celebrate their day off on Christmas or the gifts they receive.  Lets inform them what on what Christmas really means.

grinchWhat happened to the Christian Christmas?  Who stole it?  Who stole Christmas? Did anyone steal it?  Did we just give it away? It not the Grinch who stole Christmas.  It’s businesses and the perpetuation of Christmas falsehoods.  Those things contribute to why some people don’t fully appreciate Him on the day we celebrate His birth.

Manger in Israel

Perhaps Christians helped society forget about Christmas because we don’t celebrate Him during this time.  Are we painting an accurate picture of this holy day?  Take the three wise men for instance.  Well, the “three” wise men aren’t mentioned in the Scriptures.  What about the beautiful straw laden manger.  Well, not quite.  It would have looked more like the picture on the left.  Ok, lets not make this a bible study and go over other misunderstandings.  However, I highly encourage you to speak to your pastor on this so that you’ll gain a better understanding.  In doing so, you’ll refrain from helping the commercialized falsehoods from continuing on.

An anonymous lady donated her diamond ring to help the Salvation Army purchase Christmas presents for children.  What a great and selfless act. Unfortunately society confuses Christmas with gift-giving.  Many in society have forgotten that Christmas is about the Gift.  By the way, His name is Jesus.  Instead of rushing out and buying perishable gifts, give them the knowledge of The Gift. He is the only One who can give us the git of eternal salvation.  Remember, that is why He came to earth.  He did come so that we all can buy another perishable gift. So join me in canceling Christmas, I mean consumerism-mas.  Share Him.  He’s the best gift we ever received.

In His grip


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