Finding Jesus

Finding JesusCNN is airing the series, Finding Jesus.  It is looking for clues about Jesus in a variety of ways. I encourage you to look at the show. However, remember they aren’t looking for Jesus theologically.  Rather, they are seeking to find Him through quantifiable information to indicate Jesus actually lived.  Also, take note of who is talking and what point they are trying to drive home.

The gospel of Judas will air shortly.  If you read of the “gospel” of Judas, you will quickly see that it isn’t congruent with any of the canonized Gospels. Many theologians suggest it was written well after the other Gospels. It’s believed this “gospel” was written by the Gnostics. Consequentially, I encourage you to not let non-Christians shape your thoughts and change your belief system.

All-in-all, it is good to see this subject on mainstream media.  Further, it should provide some interesting items of discussion for people seeking to know Jesus.  Lets use this as an opportunity to share the real Gospel to them. Lets use this opportunity to help deepen our understanding of Him.  Most importantly, lets live like Him.


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