Stand Guard

Someone shared this video on social media.  It’s a good object lesson for us.  We need to make sure evil (sexually explicit television shows, music, etc.) is not allowed in our homes.

Parents, in particular fathers, how are you doing in preventing evil things from coming into your home?  Obviously, we would stop a person from trying to break into our homes.  We wouldn’t allow porn in our homes.  After all, we guide our loved ones to the Light.  We live by Christian values.  Unfortunately, the darkness is enticing and many gravitate to it. Some times we unwittingly invite evil into our homes.  We might be shocked at the things we allow our family to look at on Facebook and television.

As a parent, we are better “heroes” for our children to emulate than any professional sportsperson, TV personality, singer, etc. We are the one who support and love them. Lets make a dent in slowly deteriorating morality a society that highlights and glamorize celebrities Kim Kardashian, Kayne West or the latest person who twerks.

We can and need to stand guard so our children are not drawn to television shows and music that are contrary to our beliefs. Lets stand guard and protect our “pride” like the lion in the video.

Let me know how you’re doing.  We all need to hear great success stories.


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