7 Statements From the Cross – Statement 6

Easter isn’t about a bunny or an egg hunt. I urge my Christian brothers and sisters to remember the meaning of His sacrifice.

Yves Johnson Ministries

Statement 6: “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit” (see Luke 23:44-49).

Jesus came into the world with an Angelic choir.  He was born, not at the Ritz Carlton, but in a humble and meager place.  He is now about to leave the earth quite different than how He came.  It looks like He is not only humiliated and defeated but now He is about to die.  After all, how dare He defy the rulers and Priests of the day?  How dare He upset the status quo?  Who did He think He was?  Pontius Pilate placed the inscriptions above His head that stated exactly Who He was. Yet, those were only words and this “man” is dying.  Possibly, the crowd saw a defeated man.  Possibly, His followers saw the end of this new “Way” and a Rabbi that was wrong.  Possibly, Mary saw the death of her first…

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2 thoughts on “7 Statements From the Cross – Statement 6

  1. What you think of the new Religious Freedom laws sweeping the country (i.e., Indiana and Arkansas)?

    1. I haven’t read the laws. I’ve only seen tidbits of the laws on CNN and other news outlets. It appears those laws are trying to slow the tide of intolerance towards Christians beliefs. It seems odd that if one does not agrees with defending Christian values that person is a bigot or intolerant. Ironically, those favoring homosexuality are called tolerant but aren’t tolerant towards Christianity. It’s a case of “Tolerance is what I say it is not what you think it is.” I think most people would want the country to pass and enforce fair and equitable laws. No one should be subjected to humiliation or torture.
      I’ve written and spoken on the issue of tolerance quite a bit. A fundamental tenet of Christianity is love. Yet this does not mean we “go along to get along” with what a person says or does. For instance should I change my Christian beliefs once I find out one of my best friends or family member is homosexual? That same question applies if that person was a (insert any sin)? The answer must be “No.” A Christian must not base their belief in Christ on a person. If they did then they’re on unstable ground. The Christian must be planted on The solid Rock, the Chief Cornerstone.
      Now back to the laws sweeping the country. I hope we have laws protecting Christians. The days of Christian persecution are coming closer and closer. When I first talked about it some years back, I imagine some thought that I was overstating the issue. Yet we can see it happening. Last point, we must still reach our hands out in love to those who oppose Christianity. If we don’t, we’ll never reach them. Admittedly, that’s a hard task. More importantly, we must remain faithful to our beliefs.

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