Your Pain Has a Purpose

Your Pain Has a Purpose
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The Apostle Paul sent an encouraging message to the Philippians, the first Christian church, on European soil. Ironically, Paul was in a Roman prison when he wrote this letter. Typically, it is not the prisoner who sends encouraging messages. Rather it is the prisoner who would need an encouraging message. Yet Paul flips the script and encourages those who were enjoying freedom. I just want to highlight one aspect from this amazing letter (Philippians).

Paul writes these words:  “For to you it has been granted for Christ’s sake, not only to believe in Him, but also to suffer for His sake.”

These words are in stark contrast to what many unbelievers and Christians believe about Christianity. This is an anti-“You’ll get everything you want as long as you believe in Christ” message. It’s an anti-prosperity message. It’s an anti-“Christians are weak and soft people” message. Rather, it highlights the strength and fortitude a believer must have in order to live faithfully to our beliefs. Paul reiterates Jesus’ message that we must take up our cross and that we will be persecuted. We must understand the cost.  We know the payout and that it is eternal security in Christ.

I pray you stay encouraged as you continue your walk with Christ. In some parts of the world you’ll be discriminated against while others parts of the world you’ll be persecuted. We must stand strong in our faith. Read Philippians 1 and you’ll be encouraged by all of Paul’s words.



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