Convert Those Trying to Convert You

images-3Two Latter Day Saints (LDS) Elders knocked on the door. They were cordial and asked if they could share Christ with me. I obliged. They asked if I believed in Christ. I told them, “Yes.” I countered and asked, “Do you believe in Jesus?” Then the pace of the conversation quickened. I asked them, “What did Jesus represent?” They were well trained and had an understanding of the bible. However, they were misguided on several things. One of the Elders stated, “We believe in Jesus and God just like you do.” Then I asked, “Do you believe Jesus is satan’s spiritual brother?” They hesitated but quickly recovered. The lead Elder tried to redirect the conversation but I brought it back to this key theological point. I informed them I have read about the Mormons and that their doctrine states Jesus and satan are spiritual brothers. He tried to explain their position but it was not a strong effort.  I was surprised they did not have a better response. I informed them, “I must reject your Jesus and your god since you believe Jesus and satan, a created  being, are brothers.” Further, “How can two get along if they don’t agree?” (A loose translation of Amos 3:3 KJV)  I informed them that Christianity and Mormonism (LDS) are incompatible since our beliefs are incongruent. Further, there is only way to God (John 14:6). I informed them God wants Christians to reject false doctrines and gods. Further, we cannot agree on anything since your Christ is not the same Christ I believe in. Christians must remember that our belief system isn’t a cafeteria plan.  We can’t pick and choose what we believe.  Rather we must accept the full council of God. It is this strong stance where some Christian fail. They want to coexist and not hurt someone’s feeling. That is not even the case. We are standing strong for Christ when we stand for our beliefs. Let me wrap this up. They asked if they could pray for me. I responded, “Why would I let you pray for me when we our belief systems are polar opposites? I would be condoning what you believe and denying my beliefs.” I informed them I talked to them from a theological stance. I showed them fundamental items, which they did not dispute, about their Mormon beliefs that are incompatible with Christianity. I told them that they voluntarily knocked on the door and asked if they could speak to me. I said, “You came to convert me but I’m trying to convert you. You agreed with me that there is only one way to God but I showed you several faulty theological points from your presentation.” It was my desire for them to follow Christ. Last, they asked if they could share a free pamphlet with me. I responded, “You and I both know that’s not going to happen. I think your methodology is good. You kept trying to connect with me. But I would be unfaithful if I took your material in order to not offend you.” I informed them that if they come to bible school with me then I would accept their gift. Let me clarify one point. I do not suggest you accept any propaganda from any other religions. I was making a point to them by flipping the script. They informed me they would contact their supervisor and see if they would be allowed to attend bible study. They knew and I knew they are not coming to my bible study.

6a0120a85dcdae970b0120a86dd099970b-piWhy did I share this with you? I wanted to encourage you “to answer the door” (the opportunity) and share Christ with people wanting to share their version of Christ with you. We do not need to be afraid of what they say. Rather, we need to share the real Christ with them. We want to represent God. God does not want any of anyone to go to eternal damnation (2 Pet 3:9).  Also, many people and religions believe in Jesus. They simply don’t believe He is our Lord and Savior.

Solo Scriptura


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