Stand for Something or Fall for Everything

th-3I encourage all Christians to remember Who we represent. We must maintain a Christian worldview.  Recently, the SCOTUS decided same-sex marriage was legal. They did not, nor can they, dictate our Christian belief. It is evident our belief is counter to their decision.

We are to emulate Christ, not the world. If we support that decision then we are not supporting our biblical mandate. In other words, we must be “All in for Christ.” If not, we’re simply not following Him. We do not change our biblical beliefs because someone we love is doing X, Y or Z. If we do then we really do not believe what the bible instructs.  Stand firm in your faith…we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.

I’ve written on this pending decision for the last two years. I still believe we must show love towards those with conflicting views. If not, it will be difficult to have them understand the love of God. Yet, this does not mean we wholeheartedly accept teachings and beliefs counter to our faith. Take a look at your Facebook (FB) page and you’ll notice many people who purport to being Christian changing their page to show support and solidarity for same sex marriage. We must pick a side. I pray we stand together and do not fall to the side as the society has now accepted something Christians do not believe in.

I hope that I am wrong but within 2-3 years it will be illegal for Christians to say anything negative about homosexuality. Please realize we are in a fight and we need everyone on board for the Christian agenda. Last point, Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples. He did not say, “Go and blend in with an unbelieving society.” Which camp are you in? I pray you’re on Jesus’ side.

Solo Scriptural (Scripture only)!


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