You Are A World Changer

Prayers and Promises

There are 7 mountains that God’s people should be influencing. Seven places to shine the Light of Christ into the darkness and bring life. You are a WORLD CHANGER my friend!

These seven mountains are:

  1. business
  2. government
  3. media
  4. arts and entertainment
  5. education
  6. the family
  7. religion

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Where is God using you?

Where are you shining His light and love?

Just by walking into a room the Spirit of Christ in you can touch hearts and change the atmosphere. We are vessels of the living God. We carry this treasure in broken vessels so His glory can shine through. It’s not us – it’s Him!
There is a reason God says to “go”. There are people He wants to touch and things He wants to do. He came to seek and save the lost. And He will use YOU to do it. Take heart my friends, share your…

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