Sin City

IMG_2289 (1)We found some great places to visit while on vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unfortunately, some troubling things transpired while we were in Sin City. There seemed to be a big push from the sex industry. In fact, numerous people were providing baseball type cards of naked women. This happened on most of the streets we walked down. Although not shocking, many of those panhandlers of filth were women. These workers seemed enthusiastic and invited many people to visit their establishment. I did not notice any of those filth pushers asking police officers to come to their establishment.

Someone told a foot patrol cop that the gentlemen in front of us had recently sold some illegal drugs. It is possible, he had the drugs in his satchel. The gentleman was loud. He was cursing and making a lot of fuss about who and where he obtains his drugs. Curiously, his demeanor and language changed when the cops started walking near us and when they engaged him in a light conversation.

Another interesting thing I noticed was the driving. Drivers seemed to slow down as we entered the airport. I would love to say the drivers slowed down because they realized they were breaking the law. However, I will have to attribute their conscientious driving to seeing a police car parked on the side of road.

You are probably thinking, “What does this have to do with a Christian blog?”  In each of the previously mentioned situations, we saw how people changed their behavior around authority figures. As Christians, our behavior should be above reproach at all times. Further, we should respect earthly authority figures. More importantly, we should be holy (1 Pet 1:16). In doing so, our Christ-like behavior will not need to be adjusted. We are challenged to be in this world but not of this world. We are supposed to set the standard and that standard is holiness. Regrettably, some Christians blend in so well with secular standards that it is hard to tell them apart from an unbeliever. For example, it would have been easy to “collect” the numerous cards of naked women those people were handing out. It would be easy to assimilate and do what I wanted since “I’m on vacation.” Yet, that is the main issue. Christians are never on vacation from living holy. Las Vegas may welcome and embrace her nickname of Sin City. I submit to you every city is a sin city. The question, no the challenge for us is simple. Will we let sin city darken our light or will we let our light shine in sin city so that others may look to Him?

The picture on the left is the first picture that I took in Las Vegas. The words between the woman’s lips says, “Just the right amount of wrong.” I wonder how the world would be if the goal were “Just the amount of right by leaving behind the wrong.” Perhaps your light (Matt 5:16) has dimmed a little because of something as pedestrian as driving a little faster than the speed limit or as extreme as selling illegal drugs. You can repent (ask God for His forgiveness + stop doing wrong things) and return to God. God loves you. He is counting on you to be the light in the Sin City you live in. May we all do our part in showing those we encounter that they can leave Sin City and have a home with God in heaven.

Let you light shine

5 thoughts on “Sin City

  1. Great blog. As a Christian walking around Las Vegas during the late night/early morning I was surprised to see all the advertisements for the “ladies of the night” and the amount of clothing the women had on. It was appalling to see business was booming for that type of industry. However, there were great parts of Las Vegas too. But I had to try hard to see the beauty of city against the filth my surrounding.

    Thank you for making the point of being on vacation is not a vacation from living holy.

    May God continue to bless you.

    1. Thanks for the comments. Your point about seeing the beauty in the filth is well taken. We must try our best to see the beauty of God’s many miracles. Yet, it is some times difficult to do. Together, we can and will bring light to this dark world. Blessings.

  2. Thank you for sharing and reminding God’s kingdom servants to be on post at all time so that our light can shine in a dark world.

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