Workplace Spirituality, The New Management Imperative? | The Write Room Blog

Well, let’s take a close look at spirituality. Spirituality seems to be the new “in thing” to do. What is it? I imagine you would receive 15 or 20 different definitions if you polled 30 people. In fact, scholarly research indicates this to be the case. Spirituality is not well defined for a variety of reasons. Chiefly because it is not regulated and not necessarily associated to a particular religion. Hence, its fluidity and its confusion.  Kenneth Pargament posited spirituality is directional, but religion is both directional and goal oriented1. Eric Dale espoused religion provides an end-point answer whereas spirituality does not2. I think that almost hits the nail on the head. Mumphord Kendall stated, in his dissertation on Workplace Spiritualiy, the spiritual “spectrum is extreme atheism, which asserts there is no God or source for higher meaning. At the opposite end of the spectrum is pantheism.” See on the rest of the article

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