Are You Praying?

the_lord__s_prayer_by_navalatanjjnnSaints we’re in a battle with the evil one. We can’t fight him with the kid gloves. We must use our weapon of mass destruction!   Prayer isn’t the least thing you can do…it’s the most you can do. Our weapons are spiritual! We need to be joined in as a body of believers and talk to our Father about the trails and tribulations we are in. We have a lot of things we can pray for. Just look at the paper! Just look at all the evil that taking place around the world. Look at all the destruction over the last few weeks. Look at the Natural Disasters that has happened over the last year. Look at all the rapes, killings, embezzlements that are going on and that have happened. The world needs prayer. They need us, even if they don’t know it, to stand in the gap for them.

Pastors are leaving their congregations by the droves because they’re burnt out. They need prayer. Marriages are on the rocks. Pray for our students that are going to school in a system far different from ours. Don’t you see how important it is for you to pray? We need to pray.

Everyone believes in prayer. Or so, that’s what we are told. Throughout the world, the practice of prayer is advocated by people of faith. There are courses & conferences on prayer. Christian leaders in the pulpit and the classroom regularly tell you about the need for prayer. But, if the reports are true–there are not nearly as many people practicing. Leaders, if not careful, can be the worse culprits in not practicing what they preach, when it comes to prayer. The tyranny of other urgent demands upon their time can rob you and leaders of the infinitely valuable time they spend in personal prayer with God.

You have to build your life with prayer. Of course there are other items such as love and obedience, stewardship, etc. However, God said His house will be a house of prayer (Matt 21:13). If you don’t pray, you might become prey! 

Have you noticed that whenever there is a National crisis, everyone wants to prayer? It’s at those times that even the Atheist doubt their beliefs!

Where can I or what should I pray? Who is the best person to model ourselves after? Jesus. Matt 6:5-13 gives us a great starting point on prayer.

What is prayer? It’s:

  • Communication to God
  • Spilling your heart
  • Listening to God

How much time are you devoting to prayer. Ok, let’s get specific. There are 24 hours in a day. In general, most people are at 8 hours for work and sleep for 8 hours or so. What are you doing with the other 8 hours? Prayer will help you grow spiritually. No, I’m not suggesting you pray for 8 hours. Yet, there are some people who pray that long. I am just encouraging you to start praying.

Take some encouragement from the Apostles

  • Paul tells the Thessalonians and it applies to us, “Pray without ceasing.” (1 Thes 5:17 KJV)
  • Paul tells the Romans and it applies to us, “devoted to prayer.” (Rom 12:12 NASB)
  • The Apostles stated they were going to give of themselves “continually to prayer.” (Acts 6:4 KVJ)

How should you pray? Just talk to God. Let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you. Pray standing up, laying down, sitting down or running. Just pray. Let me know how you’re doing…and don’t forget to pray.


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