The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

bad_ass_santa_project_by_originalnameless-d4k8ttz.pngChristmas is over. We’ve survived the mad rush to return our Christmas gifts. We’ve also had the opportunity to find great bargains during the “Day After Christmas” sale. Let us go back two days. How much Christ did we have on the day we celebrate Christmas? News outlets plastered numerous articles on “Christmas” miracles. Remarkably, not one of those articles referred to Jesus’ birth. There were numerous television specials talking about the “Christmas spirit.” Interestingly, none of those television shows talked about Jesus. As you can see, the Grinch stole Christmas.

I am sure I am like most parents and grandparents. I love seeing the spark in children eyes as they open up their gifts. As delightful as that is, I hope we all were not Grinches who stole Christmas. I hope we shared Christ with everyone. I hope we let people know that the true reason of Christmas is not for them to get presents that cannot stand the test of time. Rather, they can and should accept the eternal gift of life Jesus offers. I am certain Santa Claus cannot offer that gift.

The elf on the shelf, Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer, the Christmas tree, tinsel, wreaths, and the rest of the commercialized Christmas story are entertaining. Those things coupled with time-honored movies such as It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle of 34th Street help make great Christmas memories. However, they all miss one point. They do not point to Christ. Christmas is about Christ, period.

luke-2-11But wait (in my corny infomercial voice), there is still time to share Christ before the year is over. I encourage you to share your story. Tell someone why Christ is the best gift of all. The world needs to hear your story. They need to know why you accepted this wonderful gift.  They need to know they can have it also. If they don’t learn about the true meaning of Christmas, then the Grinch will continue to steal the real story of Christmas…the message of our Savior and the opportunity for eternal life with Him in heaven.


Yves Johnson is a Leadership Trainer, Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Author.  He has written two books and a varied collection of articles and blogs. He is the President of Christ Is My Savior Ministries, a nonprofit with a focus of training and equipping Christians and Christian leaders to strengthen their walk with Christ.  Yves is also the CEO of CornerStone Leadership Consulting.  CornerStone provides leadership training and consulting services to business leaders to produce optimal employee work performance. He’s a sought out speaker and offers a wide range of leadership and development seminars for both Faith-Based and non-Faith Based organizations. You can find his books at


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