Preach the Word!

il_fullxfull.389969584_tbolIt would be wise to start 2016 in prayer, meditation and study. As such, I offer this short study to you.


Lord, we ask that You show us how we should share Your word so that all will be saved.


Scripture Reference (Romans 10)

Key Verse: Romans 10:15. “And how can the message be proclaimed if the messengers are not sent out? As the scripture says, “How wonderful is the coming of messengers who bring good news!

Have you ever thought of yourself as God’s messenger? I’m not talking about the vocation of a preacher (messenger) but the responsibility of one. Scripture is clear that all of us must spread The Message to everyone. You are a messager for The Message. The Apostle Paul is talking about how the Israelites were perishing because of their ignorance of God. They needed an antidote to their ignorance. They needed to hear The Message. Kind of sounds like society today.

Just pick up any newspaper and you’ll clearly see the world needs to hear The Message. They need to know and understand how they can live a better life and be assured of their eternal destination: A life with Christ. We need to share His love.

It’s easy to say we’ll share The Message but for some it might be harder to actually do it. It’s easy to shy away from sharing since some people are hostile against God’s word. For example, some view Christianity as intolerant since we don’t condone immoral behavior. This is a great indication the world really need to know about Christ. Be encouraged that God chose you share The Message to everyone. Are you ready to share The Message?


Who has God set in your path to talk to about His love? Have you been sharing God’s message to those you know and love? What about those you don’t know?

Paul starts Romans 10 out by saying, “My friends, how I wish with all my heart that my own people might be saved! How I pray to God for them! Is your desire for your loved ones to be saved?


This week you’ll undoubtedly see several family members, friends, co-workers or strangers. Allow the Holy Spirit to show you who to share His message to. Share the Gospel so your loved ones “might be saved!” Hmm, I need to restate something.  Undoubtedly, this year you will see family members, friends, co-workers or strangers. Allow the Holy Spirit to show you who to share His message to. Share the Gospel and fulfill our mandate in Matthew 28:19.

Discipleship Study Questions

  1. Romans 10 provides a great insight into the Apostle Paul’s heart. How does your heart line up with his in verse 2 and 3?
  2. In Matt 28:19, Jesus told the Apostles to “Go.” How are Paul’s words to be messengers the Word related His command?
  3. Have you found it difficult to share Romans 10:9,10 with those you come in contact with? If so, why?
  4. In 2 Tim 4:2, the Apostle Paul says, “preach the message.” What did he mean in this situation? Is this how we should share The Message?


Father we pray that we take to heart your desire for us to share the Gospel. We pray that You strengthen us as we share Your message to a dark and dying world.

Yves Johnson is a Leadership Trainer, Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Author.  He has written two books and a varied collection of articles and blogs. He is the President of Christ Is My Savior Ministries, a nonprofit with a focus of training and equipping Christians and Christian leaders to strengthen their walk with Christ.  Yves is also the CEO of CornerStone Leadership Consulting.  CornerStone provides leadership training and consulting services to business leaders to produce optimal employee work performance. He’s a sought out speaker and offers a wide range of leadership and development seminars for both Faith-Based and non-Faith Based organizations. You can find his books at

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