Your 2016 Goals

goalsAt the beginning of 2015, I wrote Path to Professional and Personal Success. In that article, I asked if you had abandoned your New Year’s Resolutions.  I jokingly said, “Hey, it’s been five days already!” I also asked, “Where do you want to be in the next 3, 6, 12 and 18 months?” I thought it would be appropriate to ask, “How did you do on accomplishing your goals this year?”   Are your goals on target this year? Someone once said, “A goal is just a roadmap to deviate from.” While that is true, your goals also help you to achieve success. It provides you with the opportunity to see what you have accomplished. Perhaps a better quote might be, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

I want to be an honest broker. I did not accomplish all of my 2015 goals. So, why would a person who teaches on goals admit he did not accomplish all of his goals?  Great question. Let us explore that for a moment.

Goals will help drive you to a destination. However, we must be open to new opportunities. Further, we may have overestimated our underestimated our goals.  I anticipated I would accomplish XY and Z. Yet, I was only able to accomplish X and Y.  I miscounted the cost for Z. Yet, this miscalculation was a benefit. I did my research on Z. I asked and received counsel from people who were engaged in Z. Thus, I was prepared to tackle this challenge!

Hmm. A funny thing happened on the way to success. This funny thing called life popped up. First, Z called for nearly twice the amount of time the research indicated. Second, several unanticipated and wonderful opportunities materialized. Although I had a defined goal, I miscalculated the cost to accomplish these goals. It is possible I would be dissatisfied in progress if I simply looked at my goals sheet without taking into account the deviations.

All the aforementioned variable created growth opportunities. I teach participants in my Path to Personal and Professional Success workshops that they can and should gain a lot of growth while on those path deviations. Like those participants, you will see enormous growth once you adjust your goals with the new realities in your life. Personally, I received enormous growth when I adjusted my goals. In addition, I was able to adjust my goals to include the new opportunities.

I hope you have goals for 2016. Remember, life will provide some deviations. Embrace them. Learn from them. Then, move on from them to your Path to Personal and Professional Success. I’ll be checking in on you in a few months to see how you are doing on your 2016 goals.

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Yves Johnson is a Leadership Trainer, Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Author.  He has written two books and a varied collection of articles and blogs. He is the President of Christ Is My Savior Ministries, a nonprofit with a focus of training and equipping Christians and Christian leaders to strengthen their walk with Christ.  Yves is also the CEO of CornerStone Leadership Consulting.  CornerStone provides leadership training and consulting services to business leaders to produce optimal employee work performance. He’s a sought out speaker and offers a wide range of leadership and development seminars for both Faith-Based and non-Faith Based organizations. You can find his books at

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