Towel & Basin

basin-and-towel-web-940x403In John 13:1-17, we learn Jesus washes the Disciples’ feet. One is allowed certain perks as the leader of an organization. In fact, the respect you earn affords you the opportunity to bypass doing menial tasks. In this biblical story we find Jesus does the exact opposite. We can garner several real-life applications. We will examine just three of them for now.


Jesus was intentional. He did not have the help pour the water into the basin. In other words, he could have had the server or slave pour the water for him. Instead, Jesus left his seat of honor at the table and poured the water. This had to astound everyone.

Think about this for a moment. The president of an organization leaves out of her grand office to go pour coffee for the entry-level mail clerk. Similarly, all of us (Pastor, ministers, or member) can serve others.


Although Jesus served all his of disciples, his interaction with Peter is of special significance. Why is that? Peter was the informal leader. Jesus recognized and used this informal leader. Notice Peter went from not wanting the foot washing to requesting a full bath! We should be “all-in” also. Later we learn Peter was selected to “Strengthen the brothers.” In other words, you need to get everyone involved on board with the vision but be certain you pick the key person(s).

In your evangelistic efforts, are you speaking to the right person in that targeted group? Indeed, this task may not be easy but it is necessary.

Think strategically and use the synergistic power of collaboration to influence others. Our number one goal is to spread the Gospel. We do not need to be “the one” to get people to listen to the Gospel message. It’s not about us, it’s about Him!


Humility is not saying, “I’m a humble woman.” Nor is it saying you aren’t good at something so that others can say, “Hey, you’re good.” In this passage, we see Jesus being humble by doing for a person who means to do him harm.

In essence, Jesus wore the outfit of a slave when he took off his garments and wrapped himself in a towel. In a large regard, Jesus simply acted out the passages in Isaiah 53 and Matthew 20:28.

Interestingly enough, the humility of the towel and basin pales in comparison to the Jesus’ humility of bearing our sins on the cross.

Ask yourself, “How can I be more humble?” “What can I do for others to further the Gospel message?” “Who am I intentionally avoiding just ‘because’?” Obviously, these few questions do not get at the heart of humility but it’s a good start for you.

Family, I hope you do four (4) things going forward after reading this short article:

  • Have a Christ-like intentionality in sharing the Gospel
  • Think and be strategic in serving others for Christ
  • Humble yourself for the sake of the Gospel so others may see Christ in you!
  • Become more service oriented like Jesus

What are your towel and basin stories? Keep me encouraged and let me know how you are doing in your walk.




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