Once I Put my Glasses On

a-4I was trying to read the bible today without my reading glasses. I must rely upon my reading glasses much more now that I have entering the third quarter of life. One thing occurred to me as I struggled to read the words on the pages. I realized that I saw the words but they weren’t clear. As such, I guessed at what some things said. I realized an important life lesson that I’d like to share with you.

As Christians, we must clearly see the Lord in our lives. We must clearly show people the true Christian life. If not, those who watch us will be looking at a fuzzy image of Christianity. How do you represent Christ in your life? Are you clearly following biblical teaching on financial stewardship, tithing, love of neighbor, marriage, purity, and a host of other things? We must love our neighbor. Love isn’t always agreeing with your loved one. Scripture tells us to comfort our brother when they are in the wrong. If we don’t confront them when they are doing wrong then we don’t love them.

Are you seeing clearly? Are you now following what non-believers say is true? To put it another way, is your life aligned to the Word of God? Remember, we must conform to the bible. Regrettably, some people, even Christians, are conforming the bible to fit their lifestyle and needs.

Prayerfully you will help show people the true image of Christ.


Note: This blog was originally posted on http://www.thewriteroomblog.com/once-i-put-on-my-glasses-by-yves-johnson/


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