Learn to Stick Out 

Recently, I was at the grocery store. I noticed they had the apples separated by type. I decided to put one of them in the other pile. Now the red apple and the other apples were the same size and cost the same. Yet the red apple stood out. You and I are supposed to be like the red apple. We can be with people who look like us. We can be around people who sound like us. However, they need to know that there is something different about you. You are a child of the most High. You are different. You are a Christian. Don’t conform to society. Let society conform to Christianity. God placed you in your particular situation to be a beacon of light in a dark world. Take the opportunity to “Make disciples of all Nations” (Matt 29:18). Stand out for Christ as a true ambassador of the Gospel. Don’t blend in with everyone else. Show them the way to Christ.

In His grip

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