What is Your Systematic Theology?

There are many definitions of Systematic Theology. I like how Wayne Grudem. He states, in Systematic Theology, “Systematic theology is any study that answers the question, “What does the whole Bible teach us today?” about any given subject.”

I think we all should understand our systematic theology. In basic terms, it is knowing what we believe in God and applying it today. This post is simply to encourage you to know what is your systematic theology and expand upon it. Let us look at three basic Christian principles.


Everyone who believes in God will be saved. Is this true? Of course, it is true. Now let’s go a little deeper. What does, “Everyone who believes in God will be saved” that mean?  Does this mean my best friend Bob or Bobbie Joe will not go to heaven because they not believe? Does it mean that my best friend Bob or Bobbie Joe will go to heaven even though they committed a heinous crime last year? Let’s go just a little deeper. What if their “Christian” teaching differs from mine? Who is following the correct teaching? Who will go to heaven? Well, what is your answer? The Atheist and critic will want to know. Surely, even Christians new to the faith will want to know?


I have read where Christians and some pastors stated everyone goes to heaven. Some people believe animals go directly to heaven. Is that true? If not, why is it false?  Do you know the Scripture that addresses this question? Who goes to heaven and who does not? It is a foundational one and one that we must be able to articulate to an unbelieving society.

One way to God

Is Jesus the only way? By now you might have read where some pastor and speakers promote this idea. Are those thinking this way correct? By the way, this is a Universalist thinking. Hopefully, we will go over that issue in the near future. Some people argue that God and all other gods are the same. They can make compelling arguments about their stance. They would say, “After all, a loving God would not want to exclude anyone from heaven. Now would He?” What does Scripture say about this issue? Clue: It is quite clear.


Recently, a Christian writer emailed me. This person told me, “If you love someone you will be tolerant of their belief system”. I asked, “What is love?” I was driving that person to provide me a biblical answer. As I have stated numerous times, “Our belief system must not change to accommodate someone else’s beliefs. If we change our beliefs to accommodate theirs then we do not have a belief system.” What is your definition of love? Is it biblically based? Take a moment and write our your thoughts on love.

Now compare what you wrote to John 3:16 and 1 Cor 13. Obviously, there are more Scriptures but this is a great start. Well, how did your words compare? The secular world is demanding more tolerance from the Christians but is intolerant of our ways and us. Many of us have loved ones who are unbelievers, a part of the LGBT community, former believers and the like. The pressure to keep the peace can be difficult. However, our love for God and our love for them mandates we show them Christ and the knowledge of true love. What is your systematic theology? How do you do this?

Go Ye!

I intentionally kept this short. My goal is to get you to think about what you are required to do as a Christian. Obviously, I have taken topics that are much broader and deeper than what can be covered in this short post. I hope you agree. I hope you are motivated to learn more about the God you serve. Yes, go deeper. In going deeper, you will recognize some of the watered down and erroneous Christian teaching on television, radio and in some churches.

All your studying will just help you amass biblical knowledge if you do not put any action behind it. Remember, we are not called to retreat and succumb to societal pressures and demand. Indeed, we are called to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations.”


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3 thoughts on “What is Your Systematic Theology?

  1. Good job Yves, send them my way, I’ll take the time to educate them of 2 Pt.3:18 and to never stop learning all scriptures 2 Tm.14;17, so we too can be found as one of these Mt.5:8 & 48; seen in Eph.5:26-27 that have put on Christ Jesus, Gal.3:26-27; His way, Jn.1:12-13!

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