Move From Hearing to Doing

sermon-159648_1280.pngHave you been challenged lately to do more for Christ? have you been encouraged to live out the faith you profess? Your pastor should be challenging you to live for Christ at all times.

Regrettably, some Christians lose the power and confidence of their Christian living when they leave the confines of the church. It seems like there is a Sunday/Monday divide that prevents some Christians from entering the workweek fired up for Christ. This is a reason why your pastor should address orthopraxy (a big theological term for living right) from the pulpit to clear show you how Scripture applies to daily real-life circumstance.

This week you may be faced with situations that may call for you to compromise your beliefs. Stand strong. Remember the studies you’ve conducted and the sermons you’ve heard. The key for us, in this time where relativism is the norm, is to move from belief to action. As such, apply the biblical principles you already know. If you this, you’ll help change the world and spread His word throughout all of the world!

Stay strong for Christ!


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