Three Simple Questions

good-year-1911507_1280-600x506Can you believe 2016 is nearly over? Together we have covered a lot of issues facing Christianity. I hope your year was Godly. I hope you have become a stronger Christian. I’ll leave you with three simple questions that I saw while reading today. I hope the answers come from your deep convictions.

1. Who is God?

2. Who am I?

3. What is God inviting me to do?

Take some time to reflect and answer them. Who is God to you? Is He just an ATM for you to withdraw blessings? Can you articulate to an unbeliever Who He is?  Can you help us dispel all the false narratives about God, Christ, and Christianity?

Who are you, really? Are you living the life you profess? What is your reputation with others? Do you sound holy but are a constant critic? Remember, we will be judged by God’s standards, not our own.

What is God telling you to do? Is there someone you need to share the Gospel to? Is He telling you to leave your fears and rest in Him? Is He inviting you to become more loving? Is He telling you to help out in the church more than you are now?

Obviously, I cannot list all the possible scenarios. I hope the ones listed can help you start to thinking. I am trying to strive toward Him also. As children of God, I know we can and grab ahold of our destiny. Now, let us band together and change the world for Christ (Matt 28:19).

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Yves Johnson is a Leadership Trainer, Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Author.  He has written two books and a varied collection of articles and blogs. He is the President of Christ Is My Savior Ministries, a nonprofit with a focus of training and equipping Christians and Christian leaders to strengthen their walk with Christ.  Yves is also the CEO of CornerStone Leadership Consulting.  CornerStone provides leadership training and consulting services to business leaders to produce optimal employee work performance. He’s a sought out speaker and offers a wide range of leadership and development seminars for both Faith-Based and non-Faith Based organizations. You can find his books at


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