Leaders Should Do These 4 Things in 2017

The New Year brings with it endless possibilities. As a leader, you must do many things. Some things are sequential but most of your responsibilities will need to be done concurrently. I want to encourage you to keep three more things in mind as you lead your company, ministries, nonprofits, or yourself through 2017.

1.  Set the course with a compelling vision

Your employees will prove to be resilient and remarkably talented. Tell them, in direct terms, where you want to take the company. Your vision should be inviting, encouraging, and doable. After all, it will be hard to encourage employees to strive for a dull and impossible goal. Nevertheless, your personnel will embraced the vision and set sail to achieving it. Trust them and give them room to grow, learn, and more importantly accomplish the task. You will see that they will do their best simply because they want you and the company to excel. Hint: You can create a stronger vision if you allow your employees to help create the vision.

2.  Set measurable and achievable goals

What can you and your team really achieve? Have you asked them or do you make all the goals by yourself? The goals can be simple. For example, you can set a goal to reduce absenteeism by 10%. Or, you make want to have a goal to increase revenue by 5%. Challenge your personnel to meet those goals. The biggest thing to take from this is to set a goal that your team can achieve. You will build synergy as goals are accomplished.

3. Challenge your employees to create professional goals

Encourage your employees to create professional goals. I was conducting a Professional and Personal Success seminar. There was not one person in the seminar who had both professional and personal goals. Let 2017 be the year for grooming your employees for success.

4.  Say “No” to the Status Quo

Consistency is comforting. This year, become a leader who can be a static change leader. A what? Yeah, that doesn’t make sense. Yet it does. Leaders should maintain the status quo while always looking for ways to improve operations and personnel. The key is finding that sweet spot between effectively maintaining current operations while reaching toward the unique opportunities that happen during times of change. Great leaders look for change on the horizon and are prepared for that eventuality. In fact, your company can grow in untapped areas during times of chaos. Hint: This is tricky and you might need a coach to help with this issue.

5. Share your gifts and talents.

I know I said four things but I like you. So, this one is extra. Don’t just use your gifts and talents for personal gain. Your gifts and talents should be used to create a better organization, strengthen and empower your employees, and help the society at large.

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive. I present them to you for encouragement. Let 2017 be the year you empower your employees. This is the year to create and take advantage of that synergy so that you can achieve remarkable success. Let me know how it goes for you.


Yves Johnson is a Leadership Trainer, Consultant, Keynote Speaker, and Author. He has written two books and a varied collection of articles and blogs. He is the President of Christ Is My Savior Ministries, a nonprofit focusing on training and equipping Christians and Christian leaders on strengthening their walk with Christ. Yves is also the CEO of CornerStone Leadership Consulting. CornerStone provides leadership training and consulting services to business leaders on producing optimal employee work performance and resiliency. He’s a sought out speaker and offers a wide range of leadership and development seminars for Faith-Based organizations and private organizations. You can find his books at http://ow.ly/B4aGp


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