Don’t Fear the Reality, Fear the Alternative

Today and yesterday I was in areas where I don’t normally go. It has been enlightening to observe people during this current threat. Fear is a strong driver. If harnessed, fear can be used to propel us to great heights. For instance, the father who is fearful that he can’t support his family. He will be driven to do any and everything to take care of his loved one. On the negative side, fear can paralyze us into making bad decisions or no decisions at all. An indecision is still a decision.
I’d like to offer a few things that I was going to share with our church this coming Sunday.
Folks, who is your one? Who is it you have not shared the grace, mercy, and love of the Gospel. While many are fearful, and justifiably so, of the Coronavirus, we have the assurance of everlasting life. We have a peace that is not predicated on our daily situation, whether that situation is good or bad. Share with them that assurance.
Bad things happen to good people. Christians are not immune to bad things. That’s why we are to be the beacon of light to the world. We keep our eyes on the eternal while living out the tenets of Christianity in the present. Share the love of Christ with them.
I won’t go on a long spill on how it was the Christians who stayed and helped the sick during the plagues. I will remind you that Christians (mostly Priests) were some of the chief architects science a millennium ago. We are the ones who created some of the first universities in the early years of America. We are the ones who started hospitals and orphanages. Why am I telling you this abbreviated history lesson? You need to remember that we lean into helping people, we don’t run away. There are people who really need you now. Provide them with the realistic view of was going on but also show them a realistic way they can look towards the future.
Lean in my fellow brothers and sisters of the Christian faith. If they reject you, that’s fine. But what if they don’t resist you and want to hear more about Who you belong to? Help them to not fear the reality but follow the eternal reality that is set before them. Hmm, fulfill your mission in Matt 28:19. Blessings
In His Grip
Your fellow worker in the faith

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