Headshot1Hi, I’m Yves Johnson. I hope this blog assists you in your Spiritual development. I will primarily write articles on everyday issues we face and some cultural commentaries.  I love helping others become stronger in the Word. It is my goal to encourage Christians in their spiritual walk.

This site has three main sections.  The first section is the blog.  As I said before, I will use that platform to provide thoughts and insights on how we can and should walk as Christians in a unbelieving world.  I will draw that information from experience, my years of ministry training, seminary education, and doctoral program (currently attending).  I’ll also address some current events that might challenge our beliefs.

The second major section is Christ Is My Savior Ministries (CIMS).  I founded CIMS in 2011.  CIMS helps build the body of Christ by enhancing the effectiveness of Christian organizations and churches through collaboration and building people through biblical teaching.  CIMS helps expand leaders skills to lead the body of Christ. Through consultation and collaboration with Pastors and Men’s Ministries, we “transform the saints for the work of the ministry.” This is accomplished through leadership and staff development workshops and seminars.

Please visit my website http://www.christismysaviorministries.com/ for more information on CIMS and all of the services we offer.

The final major section is devoted to Christ Is My Savior Publishing.  This is the section is devoted to my writings and books.

OTW Cover 6My second book, Outside The Wire: Every Man’s Guide For Spiritual Warfare is now ready for purchase. Please visit my site to purchase it or you can go to Amazon and purchase it. All subscribers to this site receive a 15% discount. Simply go to the contact page and send me your information.

There_Is_No_Gray_In__Cover_for_KindleYou can also purchase my first book, There Is No Gray In Moral Failure.  This is a great book to help you and others who are or have struggled with Sexual or Financial Misconduct.  You’ll be able to assist either your pastor or your fellow Christian. Prayerfully, both books encourage all of us to do better for our Heavenly Father.

Email me at yves@ChristIsMySaviorMinistries.com if you have any questions, comments and to get your discount code.

In His grip,


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