Let It Go!

The Bible contains a very short book (a letter) called Philemon. This book, although shorter than a typical sports article, provides a useful lesson for us today. The Apostle Paul is requesting the freedom of a slave named Onesimus. Paul conveys to Philemon, Onesimus’ owner, he would “refresh my heart in Christ” if Onesimus was … More Let It Go!

Kingdom​ Men

Hello everyone, Come join me at the Kingdom Men conference in Fort Pierce, FL (think Melbourne or Cocoa Beach area). The conference is on August 10 & 11. I’ll be the keynote on Friday night.  Hope to see you there. Yves  

Struggling with Sin

I hope this Scripture encourages anyone who thinks sin can continue to hold you down. I hope it encourages you to know that we all struggle with sin. Further, even the writer of two-thirds of the New Testament dealt with sin. Please be encouraged and know that if the Apostle Paul could acknowledge his sins … More Struggling with Sin