“Little faith can accomplish great things; but great faith can accomplish even greater things. What matters most is what our faith is in, the object of our faith. “The eye cannot see itself. Did you ever see your own eye? In a mirror you may have done so, but that was only a reflection of… More Faith

Towel & Basin

In John 13:1-17, we learn Jesus washes the Disciples’ feet. One is allowed certain perks as the leader of an organization. In fact, the respect you earn affords you the opportunity to bypass doing menial tasks. In this biblical story we find Jesus does the exact opposite. We can garner several real-life applications. We will… More Towel & Basin

Boiling Point!

When water is warmed at 211 degrees it simply lets off steam. However, it starts to boil when it is heated to 212 degrees. Are you boiling hot for God or are you just letting off steam? You may be just a degree from being hot. Let this be the week…the beginning of your boiling… More Boiling Point!

Your 2016 Goals

At the beginning of 2015, I wrote Path to Professional and Personal Success. In that article, I asked if you had abandoned your New Year’s Resolutions.  I jokingly said, “Hey, it’s been five days already!” I also asked, “Where do you want to be in the next 3, 6, 12 and 18 months?” I thought it would… More Your 2016 Goals