400 Pastors Resign! What are You Going to Do?

Apparently, 400 or so pastors recently resigned from the pastorate because of morale failure. Bill Bright’s Global Pastors Network estimates 1500 pastors are removed from their ministries monthly![1] They leave for various reasons ranging from burnout to moral failure. Regrettably, some did not receive love and support while they are in the ministry and when… More 400 Pastors Resign! What are You Going to Do?

Rest in Him

This week may be a great week. I hope and pray it is for you. Either way, remember you can enjoy the love of God. Take a quick look at this short Psalm. Take a few moments and think on the bold words. 1 The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. 2 He makes me lie down in… More Rest in Him

Sin City

We found some great places to visit while on vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Unfortunately, some troubling things transpired while we were in Sin City. There seemed to be a big push from the sex industry. In fact, numerous people were providing baseball type cards of naked women. This happened on most of the streets we walked down.… More Sin City

You Are A World Changer

Originally posted on Prayers and Promises:
There are 7 mountains that God’s people should be influencing. Seven places to shine the Light of Christ into the darkness and bring life. You are a WORLD CHANGER my friend! These seven mountains are: business government media arts and entertainment education the family religion ? (Image credit –…